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About Premier Cercle™

Since 2002, Premier Cercle is a strategic conference producer who builds state-of-the-art events.
By addressing issues under a political, strategic and technical focus, the events crafted by Premier Cercle offers a 360° overview of each information topics.
Researched as a journalist would do for its own in-depth report, Premier Cercle analyses how to market an information product and promote it while taking care of the organisational details.

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HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER is a specialised European intellectual property law boutique created in 2015 when the well-established top tier IP firms Hoyng Monegier and Reimann Osterrieth Köhler Haft (ROKH) decided to join forces. HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER gathers up to 100 passionate IP professionals with offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Madrid, Mannheim (branch office), Munich and Paris.

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About Dennemeyer - The IP Group

The Dennemeyer Group has been setting benchmarks for all services and software solutions in the IP industry for 55 years. Dennemeyer evolved very rapidly into the world’s most comprehensive full-service provider for the protection and management of Intellectual Property rights: from legal services (Dennemeyer & Associates), software and management services (Dennemeyer IP Solutions) right down to IP consulting (Dennemeyer IP Consulting).

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About Gorodissky

Home grown Russian IP boutique Gorodissky & Partners with a headquarter in Moscow and branch offices in 8 Russian cities and 1office in Ukraine remains heading top positions in every aspect of protection, disposal and enforcement of IP rights. The largest IP practice in Russia and among top 10 biggest IP law firms in Europe it was founded by patent/trademark attorneys and lawyers who began their professional carriers in 1959.
Team of 140 IP professionals provides domestic and foreign clients and associates with comprehensive, professional and cost effective legal services relating to all IP matters (kind if intangible assets) including inventions, trademarks, designs, utility models, copyrights, computer programs, domain names in every aspect like consulting, prosecution, litigation, recordals, (IP) valuation, (IP) taxation and accounting, searches, mediation, due-diligence etc.

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About Powell Gilbert

Our lawyers have technical backgrounds, and combined with our wealth of experience and practical know-how, it means we grasp issues quickly and without wasting time. We have experience right across the spectrum of IP litigation, gained from acting in cases across a wide range of technologies and industries. This experience ranges from acting in the earliest biotechnology patent cases technically advising on complex telecoms disputes to enforcing trade mark rights against counterfeit goods in the fashion and luxury goods sectors.

We have acted in cases involving products as diverse as DNA microarrays, computer software, pharmaceutical blockbusters, petrochemicals, semi-conductors, mobile phones, perfume and razorblades. We have represented clients in the UK Patents Courts, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court (formerly the House of Lords) and the European Court of Justice. We have assisted in cases before many overseas courts including in continental Europe, Scandinavia, the US, Australia and Japan. We are frequently involved in European Patent Office opposition proceedings and in representing clients in contentious matters before the UK and European trade mark registries.


About Valipat & Envoy

Working cohesively, Valipat and Envoy offer a wide range of IP administrative services across the globe, and bring together the knowledge and skills of 140+ employees across five countries.
We help over 650 patent agencies, law firms and corporate in-house IP departments relieve the pressures they are facing through structured, secure and effective IP support services.

- IP annuities and renewals
- IP recordals
- Foreign filing (PCT national/regional phase entries and Paris Conventions filings)
- Standalone translations by patent attorneys
- European patent validations (for EP attorneys only)

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Envoy International Ltd
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About the Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG)

ACG represents the interests of UK and international companies, manufacturing everything you can think of, from toothpaste to mobile phones, chocolate to car parts. As well as the brands, our membership also includes lawyers, and brand protection specialists, creating a unique environment for anti-counterfeiting interests to flourish and collaborate.
Via our lobbying & networking activities, ACG campaigns against the trade in fakes on behalf of consumers and legitimate business interests, in partnership with government and law enforcement agencies and other rights organisations. Our ultimate aim is to change society's perception of counterfeiting as a harmless activity, by exposing the worldwide economic and social cost of intellectual property crime.
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About Anti Copying in Design - ACID

Anti Copying In Design (ACID) is a trade association representing thousands of designers and manufacturers with a diverse membership ranging from individuals to multinationals, spanning many industry sectors. ACID is committed to fighting design theft and lobbying for design law reform. Members have many free benefits including access to a specialist intellectual property legal hotline and, if relying on unregistered Community or UK design rights, have unlimited use of the ACID Design Databank (holding approx 300,000 designs) to help protect their intellectual property Rights. ACID spearheaded a 12 year campaign to make the intentional theft of a registered design a crime in the UK. This was included in the IP Act of 2014. Individual directors are also liable.

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The International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, known as AIPPI (Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriété Intellectuelle), is the world’s leading International Organization dedicated to the development and improvement of laws for the protection of intellectual property. It is a politically neutral, non-profit organization, based in Switzerland with over 9000 Members representing more than 100 countries.
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About Asia Pacific Intellectual Property Association (APIPA)

Asia Pacific Intellectual Property Association (APIPA) was established on June 3,1994 through the joint endeavors of international technological and law professional. 
The goal of APIPA is

. To promote the effective management of intellectual property rights and R&D results.
. To assist enterprises in establishing management of intellectual property rights and commercialize their R&D results in Taiwan.
. To set up the APIPA intellectual property database and provide intellectual property rights-related information services.

APIPA places equal emphasis on our domestic and international practices and, for the past years, has been able to balance between our domestic and foreign activities. Today, APIPA is one of the leading intellectual property organization in Taiwan.

About Brand Enforcement UK Ltd

With two decades of experience, Brand Enforcement UK Ltd (BEUK) specialises in the criminal and civil enforcement of intellectual property rights (trademark, design, copyright and patent) and assists brands with their global brand protection strategies. We regularly conduct test purchases and produce investigation reports for our clients on targets. These reports include but are not limited to; financial statements that indicate the size of a trader’s operation and highlights any potential PoCA offences.

About Brody Berman Associates

Brody Berman Associates is the leading strategic communications firm for IP holders, executives and portfolios. Brody Berman helps innovative businesses worldwide achieve better results through a mix of IP market experience, strategy and contacts. The firm is best known for helping patent holders leverage their most valuable asset: their IP reputation. Since 1988, Brody Berman has improved the performance and enhanced the value of more than 200 businesses and their patents, including Global 500 companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, NPEs, IP service providers and law firms.

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Cefic is the forum and the voice of the chemical industry in Europe. As the voice of the European chemical industry, Cefic is a committed partner to EU policymakers, facilitating dialogue with industry and sharing our broad-based expertise. We represent 29,000 large, medium and small chemical companies in Europe, which directly provide 1.2 million jobs and account for 14, 7% of world chemical production. Based in Brussels since our founding in 1972, we interact every day on behalf of our members with international and EU institutions, non-governmental organisations, the international media, and other stakeholders.

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About Center for IP understanding

IP rights create opportunity. But to most people, what they achieve is unclear. The Center for Intellectual Property Understanding (CIPU) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of the impact of intellectual property on peoples’ lives. It tracks attitudes towards patents, trademarks and copyrights, and seeks to dispel misinformation and facilitate good IP behavior. CIPU provides a framework for understanding how IP rights promote competition and create jobs.


About Conventus Law

At Conventus Law, we believe in delivering knowledge differently, we believe in being well informed.
Our products are highly informative, simple to access and easy to digest. Our services also happen to save clients time and costs.

As an online legal platform, we work with the very best law firms to produce timely legal analysis for businesses investing in Asia and beyond.

About EuKTS

EuKTS is  an international non profit association designed to  increase the standards and recognition of the knowledge transfer (KT) profession across Europe by providing internationally recognised certification for KT professionals and a regulated quality and training framework for the accreditation of training programmes.

EuKTS provides a scheme for accreditation of training programmes and certification of individual in the filed of knowledge and technology transfer that is unique in the sense that it is authoritative, inclusive, impartial: EuKTS is a bottom-up initiative of high level expertise, covering both training and practise, open to all areas (research, industry) of KTT and following practitioners all along their career, from entry to expert levels.

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About Eurobrussels

EuroBrussels is Brussels' "worst kept secret". MEPs, consultants, law firms, industry associations, NGOs, think tanks, EU institutions and organisations across Europe recruit through EuroBrussels. They can select from an enormous pool of candidates: lobbyists, lawyers, economists, policy- and communication experts in Brussels, but also London, Paris, Berlin and other European cities. Over 100'000 candidates visit EuroBrussels every month and subscribe to the free job alerts and newsletters. 

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About EuropaBio

EuropaBio, the European Association for Bioindustries, promotes an innovative and dynamic European biotechnology industry. EuropaBio and its members are committed to the socially responsible use of biotechnology to improve quality of life, to prevent, diagnose, treat and cure diseases, to improve the quality and quantity of food and feedstuffs and to move towards a bio based and zero-waste economy. EuropaBio represents 80 corporate and associate members and bio-regions, and 17 national biotechnology associations in turn representing over 1800 biotech SMEs.

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About Expert Legal Review

Expert Legal Review is the world's first tailor-cut magazine and website specially design for top notch people and legal professionals with a core aim of shaping the playground for future generations.

We offer under-one-roof assortment of products that gear towards meeting our objectives. These include monthly publications, e-mag, weekly newsletters, analysis, daily news, reviews, blogs, shop and branding. Our mission is to provide deep analysis on laws, crimes, cyber issues, legal technology, banking and financial institutions, business impacts, political issues, cross border security, immigration issues, human rights and research papers to name just a few. Our experienced members of staff delve into keen research to provide our readers with the relevant and in-depth information that they need.


About GRUR

GRUR, the German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, was founded in 1891. It is the largest and oldest non-profit association in Germany devoted to the protection, academic advancement and development of intellectual property law. With over 5 200 members coming from over 50 nations, GRUR offers an umbrella for a wide range of professionals engaged in the field of IP matters: lawyers, patent attorneys, judges, academics, representatives and staff members of the German and European trademark and patent authorities and of the international organisations as well as enterprises, associations and their respective staff members.
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About ICLG

The ICLG series provides current and practical comparative legal information on a range of practice areas. These comprehensive guides follow a question and answer format to ensure thorough coverage of each topic within different legal systems worldwide. Each guide draws together the collective expertise of our contributors to provide a valuable and convenient resource, updated annually.
The ICLG series provides a practical insight for general counsel, government agencies and private practice lawyers, keeping them abreast of law and policy globally.
All guides are available free to access at

Contact: Global Legal Group
59 Tanner St, London SE1 3PL, UK
+44 207 367 0720
[email protected]

About ICMP

ICMP is the world trade association representing the interests of the music publishing community internationally. The constituent members of ICMP are music publishers’ associations from Europe, Middle East, North and South America, Africa and Asia-Pacific. Included are the leading independent multinational and international companies and regional and national music publishers, mainly SMEs, throughout the world.
As the voice and point of reference of music publishers, and the community of composers and songwriters, ICMP's mission is to increase copyright protection internationally, encourage a better environment for our business and act as an industry forum for consolidating global positions.

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IEEPI is a vocational training institute created by the French Government in 2004 in order to organise training sessions focusing on economic and strategic aspects of the intellectual property, the primary target audience being decision-makers from the business world and researchers.
IEEPI pays particular attention to the high quality level of its trainings, which is guaranteed by the fact that IEEPI is certified ISO 9001 for vocational training scope and benefits from the French Auditing procedures OPQF.
The training format is adapted to the needs of the audience:
- short courses (1 to 3 days)
- a 10-day licensing course
- a Master 2 degree on “Intellectual Property Strategy and Innovation”
  in collaboration with the University of Strasbourg, France
- in-house custom-made trainings, adapted to the specific needs of the customers.
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About IFIA

International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA) established in 1968 is an ensemble of over 130 institutions from 95 member states functioning in the field of invention and collaborating in an unparalleled way to disseminate the culture of invention and innovation internationally. The inventors are provided the required information, linkages, and outstanding opportunities to share and discover innovative ideas.

Annually more than 40 international events including the conferences, exhibitions, Olympiads and workshops are organized under the patronage and supervision of IFIA offering a great chance to the inventors to display their cutting edge inventions, create networks and benefit from its wealth of knowledge.

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About IMPF

IMPF - the Independent Music Publishers Forum - serves as an international network and meeting place for independent music publishers. Its main objectives are to share experiences and best practices in independent music publishing; exchange information on the legal and regulatory framework and music publishing environment; coordinate actions and support projects relevant to composers, authors and their music publishers; represent the interests of the independent music publishing community; and stimulate a favourable environment for artistic, cultural, linguistic and commercial diversity

About IP Federation

The IP Federation represents IP intensive companies in the United Kingdom. Our member companies are extensively involved with IP in Europe and internationally. Not only do our companies own considerable numbers of IP rights, but they are affected by the activities and IP rights of competitors. They may be either plaintiffs or defendants in IP related court actions.
The Federation represents their views in both policy and practice matters within the EU, the UK and internationally. It believes that a cost effective, high quality IPR framework is a critical component in industry's present and future successes in the global economy.

About IP Magazine

Practical and easily accessible intelligence on important changes in intellectual property law that impact IP on a global scale.

More than just a round-up of the latest intellectual property news, IPM offers access to exclusive views and opinions from experts and practitioners. Keep in touch with the latest legal and regulatory developments to mitigate risks and protect market share.

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About Réseau Curie

For more than 26 years, Reseau C.U.R.I.E has been the French Knowledge and Technology Transfer Network. It brings together people working in public technology transfer and giving value to public research. Reseau C.U.R.I.E promotes and supports knowledge & technology transfer through a full range of services including training sessions, international exchange programme…, through networking and its yearly congress gathering more than 500 professionals.
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About TopLegal

TopLegal is the first magazine in Italy that connects commercial lawyers with the wider business community. The magazine, supported by TopLegal’s online news service, analyses the legal market with news from law firms and in house counsel. Each issue reports on the activity, strategy and financial performance of prominent law firms and explores the views of leading clients and the quality of external legal services.

Media Partners

About China IP Magazine

Through ten years efforts since its establishment in 2004,

China IP has become a world-class professional IP media and services platform for its comprehensiveness, practicability and interactivity. To date, with the core products of the Chinese, English and Japanese magazines, our products range from International IP Law Firms directory to newspapers, websites, e-magazines, IP Weekly, mobile newspapers, Weibo, conferences and forums, researches and surveys, etc.

About CIPA

The Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) is the professional and examining body for patent attorneys in the UK, representing virtually all the 2,000+ registered patent attorneys in the UK, whether in industry or in private practice. Total membership is over 3,500 and includes trainee patent attorneys and other professionals with an interest in intellectual property (patents, trademarks, designs and copyright). CIPA represents the views of the profession to policy makers at national, European and international level, with representatives sitting on a range of influential policy bodies and working groups in the UK and overseas. Website:

About European Biotechnology Magazine

A modern and up-to-date news magazine, the established periodical European Biotechnology Magazine is your source for substantial information on the Biotech, Pharma, Medtech and Chemistry markets of Europe. The goal at is to provide a comprehensive overview over Europe‘s biotech sector! In connection with the  quarterly-released print journal European Biotechnology Magazine is the unique information source for the European Life Sciences-community.

About IP CloseUp

IP CloseUp is a leading source of news and perspective for people interested in the business of intellectual property. Decision-makers regularly turn to IP CloseUp to get the latest news and ideas on patents, people and transactions, and the trends that affect them. The blog has generated more than 60,000 visits. IP CloseUp readers include IP executives, attorneys, private equity, VC and public stock investors, entrepreneurs, journalists, analysts, service providers, researchers and inventors. Regular features include Transactions, People, Places and Events. 
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About IP Pro the Internet

IPPro The Internet is the go-to industry publication for free news, views and opinion on intellectual property online.

The fortnightly publication and accompanying website—the only free-to-read intellectual property resources around—cover the full spectrum intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, copyright and domain names, as they relate to the internet.

The website also provides the latest information on intellectual property events around the world, and advertises the key jobs available in this industry as they become available.

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About The Patent Lawyer Magazine

The Patent Lawyer Magazine is an industry leading publication that focuses exclusively on the trademark industry. Published bi-monthly and available both in hard copy format and online, subscribers can also access the most important global news updates via weekly newsletters. The Patent Lawyer Magazine features articles from top patent professionals around the globe, covering topics including the latest patent law developments, litigation cases, prosecution trials, jurisdictional updates, and more. With articles sourced from industry experts - attorneys, barristers, and in-house counsel members - the Patent Lawyer Magazine puts a stop to generic IP information, allowing you to focus your time reading what interests you.


About Transkript

Every month, for the last 22 years, |transkript  has reported on biotechnology in German-speaking Europe. With coverage on the latest news in economy, finance, research, and politics, the publication also offers application-oriented articles on  science, technology, and finance. Each edition contains a supplement with a unique, featured topic, ive of which are LABORWELT specials.

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About World IP Review

The World IP Review’s bi-monthly edition is dedicated to the needs of professionals involved in the management and protection of IP assets. It informs and educates IP owners and their international legal counsel and consultants of the latest strategies for managing, protecting and profiting from their increasingly valuable intellectual property.
Each issue of the World IP Review’s bi-monthly edition will contain unique interviews with some of the most prominent IP owners and in-house counsel. It will use a combination of articles and case studies to showcase business strategies. In addition, it will review case law and IP legislation worldwide.

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About 65 Security oy

65 ° Security Ltd is a company providing technical expert services to attorneys offices and high-tech industry.

About Cheers Interactive

Cheers Interactive is a specialised custom research, analytics and sales & marketing solutions company. We serve organizations of all sizes with strategic and tactical business decision support, information management and revenue enhancement solutions, helping them respond to changing business and market dynamics. Market leaders including 27 of the Fortune 50 and more than 40 of the FTSE 250, use our services to devise business strategies and accelerate sales growth.
We help our clients improve their business performance, grow in existing and new markets and prepare for future opportunities and challenges What makes us special is our ability to architect customised solutions that address business needs and challenges that are specific and unique to each client. Nothing we do or provide is off-the-shelf. We rely on a consultative approach to understand the underlying need and design solutions that deliver the expected insight, outcome, value and ROI. We are truly global in our service competencies and cover every timezone and most languages.
Our team members bring in good degree of domain expertise across industries we cater to and our deliverables are further strengthened by inputs from our network of technology and commercial experts. A culture of innovation, performance, teamwork and customer centricity inculcated in each one of our team members has helped us fortify strong client relationships. As an organization, we believe in transparency, integrity and performance. Our constant efforts are to continually improve our operational methodologies, deliver value to our customers and exceed client expectations. We are ISO 9001: 2008 certified.


About EBRAND Services

EBRAND Services, the European experts for brand protection on the Internet, offer a full set of dedicated services: domain name counseling and management, cybermonitoring, fighting counterfeiting offences and online security.

EBRAND Services helps companies protect their brands on the Internet and fight against cybercrime: domain name management and portfolio recovery, monitoring registrations and fighting cybersquatting, detecting counterfeits sold on the Internet, identification of website and network vulnerabilities and a lot more.

EBRAND Services is a major European naming actor on the Internet since 2007.  EBRAND Services offers all-round business solutions so that companies can create, develop and protect their domain names and brands on the Internet, easily, simply, pragmatically. Part of the "company" Branch of the EuroDNS registrar, EBRAND Services' proximity policy and capacity to deliver customized, precise, reliable and proactive services are unique.  On the spot in Belgium, Denmark,  France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom, EBRAND Services has a workforce of 120 experts, with an average of 10 years' experience in the domain names sector and the ability to interact in more than 15 languages.         Be it to protect domain names, eliminate counterfeits on the Internet, or keep cybercrime at bay, EBRAND Services provides the means and the opportunity to fight back with powerful, accessible and ergonomic tools. Originating in Luxembourg, EBRAND Services are part of the DCL Group. Sister companies include: Domain Tools, EuroDNS, Datacenter Luxembourg, LuxCloud, voipGATE and Root.

About Luxembourg IP Institute

IPIL, as a partner of Luxembourg’s IP Office, is providing public IP services. Its missions are (1) to coordinate the implementation of the public IP policy, (2) to develop and provide support services for enterprises, research actors, public institutions and others, (3) to develop and provide training as well as promotion and awareness activities, (4) to conduct projects and studies to provide advices to the authorities.
As the main actor in the country involved in IP awareness, training and services provision to economic actors and general public, it aims at developing best practices in IP as well as IP exploitation (including through knowledge and technology transfer).
At international level, it is active in networking with the main actors in IP-related fields to further adapt and transfer best practices to and from Luxembourg. It is also currently member of the European IPR Helpdesk consortium and active in the EuKTS association.

About IPlytics

IPlytics Platform – The IP Intelligence tool to gain a 360-degree market overview that goes beyond patent data

IPlytics Platform is an IP intelligence tool that augments the analysis of technology landscapes and a company’s competitive position. IPlytics Platform goes beyond patent data by linking and processing over 80 million patents to 60 million scientific articles, 2 million standards/SEPs and 3 million company information on one single platform. The tool helps users to perform analyses in the fields of patent valuation, landscaping, licensing, transfer or litigation. The intuitive graphical user interface allows to easily navigate, analyze and drill down into information, enabling in-depth technology analyses or a long-term monitoring of market segments.

About Minesoft

Winner of the prestigious Queen’s Award for International Trade again in 2015, Minesoft has fast become an established leader in the field of Patent Information, working with industrial corporations, patent attorney firms and patent authorities around the world.

Founded in 1996 to develop databases and software solutions for the Information industry, Minesoft specializes in tools and services for retrieving, storing and distributing patent & technology information throughout the enterprise.

Minesoft’s flagship product PatBase enables users, including corporations in fields such as the automotive and pharmaceutical industries, to protect their designs by checking novelty against existing patents and to solve technical dilemmas by studying patent texts, patent drawings and non-patent literature. Our Users can access and understand the most up-to-date scientific research, new ideas and competitor information contained in patent documents with a range of search and display functionalities, including text and diagrams, semantic searching, translations and fully-incorporated PatBase Analytics.

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About PatentSight

PatentSight connects IP with business strategy. We provide strategic insights along the entire IP lifecycle, for example in R&D strategy, competitive benchmarking, portfolio optimization, licensing, M&A, and identification of disruptive technologies. Our powerful and easy-to-use business intelligence platform as well as our consulting expertise create relevant and reliable results for CTOs, CIPOs and patent experts alike. The Patent Asset Index™ is the scientifically validated KPI for patent portfolio strength and innovativeness. It is used by leading companies around the world for both internal management and external communication, e.g. in annual reports.


About Patrix

Patrix is an international Intellectual Property Case Management software provider with over 20 years of delivering results.
With over 20 years of delivering results to a wide base of clients from large law firms and corporations to individual practices and small firms. No matter the size of your practice, we have a solution made for you.


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