1350 € until 30, Nov. 2016

What's the program ?


8.15 - 8.45 am

Welcome Coffee

8.45 to 9 am

Keynote Address

Mr Kunio Mikuriya

W.C.O. Secretary General

9.15 - 10.15 am

Reasons why 2016 is the Year of Change

Copyright, Trademarks and the Patent System led EU IP Priorities in 2016 and the EU-US international IP landscape.

10.40 - 11.35 am

From Mass Production to Customization by Masses (3D Printing)

How to deal with the rise of 3D printing technology? How are IP Rights affected? Is 3D printing the new piracy?

11.40 - 12.35 am

Internet of Things: Great Potential for Development vs. Security and Privacy Concerns

Whoever owns the Data wins the battle? How is Big Data used? How to balance advertising opportunities with cybersecurity needs and privacy concerns? Interoperability between objects and company departments. How can IoT transform your business? The Optimum Legal and Regulatory Environment for Enabling IoT.


1.50 – 2.50 pm

Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court

  • Ratification and implementation update
  • What political impact will the UP and the UPC have on Europe, and what effect may Brexit have?
  • Developing new strategies for your business: how should businesses prepare their portfolios and their litigation strategies to maximize the opportunities of the UP and UPC?
  • The international and industry perspectives
1.50 - 2.50 pm

Unconventional Trademarks under the New EUTM System

  • Smell, Sound and Taste – Getting a Sense of Non-Traditional Marks.
  • How to File a Trademark Application? How Far the Protection Goes? How to Best Protect It?
  • Quid of 3D Trademarks?
  • Colour marks: Australian case 7 Eleven store with treatment of 2 to 3 colour marks.
1.50 - 2.50 pm

The Cross-Border Portability of Content: Travel with a Bag, a Toothbrush and access to your Digital Content

  • Reconciling the Council’s approach with that of the EP
  • The Obligation for Verification of subscribers’ Member State of residence and how to do it?
  • Defining the Member State of Residence.
  • In what direction is contractual freedom in the EU heading?
  • What is temporary presence?
  • With the new proposals on cross-border access where does portability fit in?

Afternoon Workshops

2.50 - 3.50 pm

The FRAND Development in The Area of Internet of Things

  • Creation of industry patent licensing platform for IoT.
  • Governance system relevant to IoT (innovation and customers).
  • FRAND, a solution to work in a truly seamless and interoperable way.
  • A practical comparison between phones and cars in terms of connected devices.
  • IoT and the future thinking devices: industry’s illustration.
2.50 - 3.50 pm

The War of Signs on the Internet: Trademarks vs. Domain Name

  • The Evolution of Domain Names - What is on the horizon.
  • ccTLDs and gTLDs in Cyrillic and Domain Name Dispute Resolution in Russia.
  • Domain management, detection and recovery of cybersquatted domains.
  • A brand owner’s perspective on the new domain name landscape.


2.50 - 3.50 pm

The growing importance of online services and restoring the “value gap”

  • The right of communication to the public and of making available on demand (recent CJEU cases)
  • Content filtering, site blocking and other measures to prevent availability of protected materials (recent CJEU cases)
  • Taking measures to ensure the functioning of agreements concluded with right holders for the use of protected materials (proposal for directive DSM)
3.50 - 4.15 pm

Coffee Break

4.15 - 5.15 pm

Infringement of Second Medical Use and Other Second Indication Claims in the event of Carve Out

  • Is the protection of second medical use patents distorted by the regulatory framework?
  • Does infringement of SMU claims justify a specific test?
  • Is the alleged infringer’s intention relevant?
  • Do physicians’ prescribing practices need to be looked at?
  • How to balance patent rights and legal security?
  • What remedies are appropriate?
4.15 - 5.15 pm

Protecting Against Infringement on Social Media

. Overview of Perspectives -- the Brand Owner & the Content Owner

. Importance of a Tailored Detection Strategy

. Insights on Detection and Monitoring

. Recommendations for Defense and Enforcement

. The Availability and Promotion of Equitable Licensing Solutions

. Understanding the Implementing a Decision Tree

. Looking Forward to Future Legal Remedies

4.15 - 5.15 pm

Legal aspects of hyperlinking and framing

  • How does the hyperlink fit into copyright law with the DSM Strategy as pertains EU Copyright Reform?
  • Where do we stand after the CJEU's ruling in GS Media vs. Sanoma on the issue of linking to illegal content?
  • What implications for the pending CJEU cases: Filmspeler and The PirateBay?
  • How does this impact on cyber lockers and other platforms from which materials may be sourced?
  • Recent case in Sweden relating to a Belgian online newspaper.


8.20 - 8.50 am

Welcome coffee

8.50 - 9.45 am

Patent Enforcement: Trends in the EU Single market in 2016


1.    General Update

  • Major cases.
  • Business as usual while waiting for the UPC?


2.     What are the successful enforcement strategies?

  • Forum-shopping: National Courts (i.e. what are the best criteria to choose a venue?).
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): Arbitration; Mediation.


9.50 - 10.45 am

EU Copyright Framework Reform: latest developments and the Music Industry

  • A new right for press publishers to prevent online use of publication
  • Platforms’ new obligations and increase of intermediaries’ liability
  • Country of origin rights for broadcasters in relation to online simulcasting and catch-up
  • Commercialization of author’s work: improvements and transfer of value
10.45 - 11.30 am

Coffee break


11.30 am - 12.30 pm

The Protection of Know-How and Confidential Business Information: Trade Secrets

  • The importance of trade secrets and how they are currently protected in Europe.
  • Employees – a company's biggest threat?
  • The new EU Directive on Trade Secrets: what are the consequences for multinational companies?
  • An Effective Weapon Against Industrial Espionage?
  • Changes to national law – UK and Germany compared.
  • Practical steps companies should take now to meet the new requirements.
  • Hot Issues in Trade Secrets Litigation.


11.30 am - 12.30 pm

Counterfeiting Threats from Europe to China

  • New Tools to Fight Counterfeiting
  • Brand Protection Strategies in the Digital Age
  • How Counterfeit and Pirate Operations Use Technology to Build and Market their Illegal Online Operations
  • Attacking Counterfeiting on a Global Scale
  • The Chinese marketplaces and what you need to know


11.30 am - 12.30 pm

The future of TV and Radio in Europe

  • Cross-border access to TV and Radio content 
    • Territoriality of copyright and the DSM strategy 
    • EU investigation in SKY UK licensing agreements 
    • The proposed EU regulation for B’casters (Country of origin Principle) 
  • Radio : Equitable remuneration and the licensing of Webradios in Europe 
  • Radio and Tv in the cloud – the latest on NPVRs
12.30 to 1.25 pm

Intangible patent management and IP valuation

Beyond academic intangible assets valuation approach

  • How to assess the potential of a disruptive innovation early in its life-cycle?
  • Is the modern evaluation method going to transform decision-making in IP portfolio management?
  • How to value a patent which needs to be constantly assessed within the framework of license, purchase or sale negotiations?
  • What is the pivotal factor that allows a company to define the potential selling of patent(s)?
  • Case: Third license signed by France Brevets and NFC Technology, LLC under their NFC licensing programme – use in Samsung products.
12.30 to 1.25 pm

Plain packaging.

  • Impact on trade mark rights
  • Industry perspective


The control of counterfeit goods.

  • Impact of plain packaging
  • Goods in transit


12.30 to 1.25 pm

Blockchain: a new disruptive technology and innovative solution?


  • The Sidechain Industry revolution: Blockchain and Smart Contracts
  • Reform of the EU copyright framework: proposals based on practical experience
  • The European Digital Content Industry: audiovisual and media online developments
  • Music industry illustration: Example of Monegraph Inc.
1.25 - 2.40 pm

Lunch Break

Afternoon Workshops

2.40 - 3.35 pm

Managing and Exploiting Your Patent Software

  • The Balance Between Software, Patent & Standards
  • A Better Recognition of the Value of The Patent System
  • What are the Most Efficient Operating Models?
  • What can we learn from neighboring systems?
  • What Challenges do the Nature of Software and European Legal Framework pose for Detecting Patent Infringements of Software Patents?
2.40 - 3.35 pm

Digital Single Market & the Future of Design Law

  • Multi-layer protection of your website graphical user interface by:

       -  Copyright (software code);

       -  Trademark (attributes of a product that make it recognizable);

       -  Utility or design patent.

  • Digitization of your Branding: UX and UI challenges
  • The increasing role of attractive and intuitive user interface design: Brand perception and unique digital experience for demanding consumers.


2.40 - 3.35 pm

Consequences of Brexit on Design and Trademarks in the European Union

  • Registration of design/trademark in Alicante: UK coverage through new agreement or national protection?
  • EU unregistered design right: possible divergence between UK & EU law
  • Possibility of entering a seniority claim upon registration of a trademark in the European Union based on an earlier pre-Brexit UK registration?
  • Overview of the ongoing Great- Britain-EU negotiations and their impact on IPR


3.40 - 4.35 pm

IP management software - Identifying the right partner

  • What are the objectives when introducing new IP management software?
  • What are the key elements to consider when evaluating vendors?
  • What are the main milestones in such projects and the associated risks?
  • What can be important challenges during the entire selection process/project?
  • How do you convince management on the ROI of such projects?
  • Overall, what can we learn from the recent experiences at Unilever and Safran?
3.40 - 4.35 pm

Keys to Write the Perfect Brand Transfer Agreement

  • Trademark Licensing: background of the owner and licensee
  • Which kind of contract is relevant to the context?
  • How to approach the future contracting party (negotiation strategies)?
  • Drafting of the contract: goods and trademarks covered, price, exclusivity, termination clauses, change of market shares – control, reservation of rights and sub-license.
  • The territory, product design, packaging, manufacturing, royalty, infringement & counterfeiting aspects.
3.40 - 4.35 pm

Taxation for Trademarks, Brand Names, IP patents and Lifesciences

  • New regulation of ownership structures: IP planning & location of Intellectual Property.
  • Recent developments in the EU (ATA directive) and OECD (BEPS) for Trademarks.
  • Transfer pricing issues.
  • Impact of royalties on import duties and trademarks/brand names.

Cocktail reception


Thursday 1 December 2016 Evening (7.00 – 11.00 pm)

Gala Dinner

Chalet Robinson: Join us at our Cocktail Reception

Cottage  |  Authentic  |  Island  |  Lake  |  Nature
A cottage located in the heart of “Le bois de la Cambre” (Ixelles). The cottage has an authentic architecture made of wood, a noble and warm material.
The only access to this famous island is by boat. You cross the lake while enjoying the magnificent panorama on the nature.

Your journey will be guided by candles burning along the way to reach this wonderful place.
A chef will be on site to cook live for you! He will let you discover Belgian delicacies while making the show.
You will be entertained and you will listen to some energizing music.
You are going to immerge yourself in a cozy atmosphere with customized sounds and lights.
Finally, after an entertaining meal, would you dance with us?

- Dress code: smart casual

We have the pleasure to invite you to a 3-course meal Degustation Menu.

The Menu has been designed and created in collaboration with our Caterer 'Les Choux de Bruxelles'

The Gala Dinner will begin with a Champagne reception


You are going to taste Belgian hot and cold Zakouskis while discovering the Champagne ‘Pommery’.

Degustation of the Pommery Champagne – description:

  • Color: Pale Yellow with slight green hues
  • Nose: Lively and Pleasant, fresh, easy, delicate and open. Citrus and white flowers notes associated with red berries
  • Mouth: Elegant & lively. Affirmed small red fruits notes. The wine is round, full, delicate with a long length in mouth. Everything is harmony with this wine which never gets the roof of the mouth ‘tired’.
  • Consumption: At any time of day and night.


Belgian Zakouskis: recipe based on Belgian Traditional cooking with a little twist to Contemporary kitchen.

The selection of these original delicacies have been inspired by Ms. Audrey Lenoir.

Ms Lenoir is a former MasterChef candidate who received an education from Michelin-stars Restaurants. She presented TV Show on RTBF and she is an impressive Chef. She currently works for ‘Choux de Bruxelles’, a renowned caterer in Brussels.

The Menu will be composed of the following dishes:

1. Home made shrimp croquettes
2. Oyster tasting
3. Tartares
4. Selection of Mushrooms
5. Saint-Jacques: scallops
6. Duck foie-gras
7. Iberico pata negra de bellota

We look forward to meeting you at this special Cocktail - Reception in Ixelles,

Premier Cercle’s Team


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